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I got my first DSLR in 2009 ▪ I love Canon ▪ I love Manual + RAW ▪ I love new technologies ▪ I love my two tabby cats Snowy and Pinky ▪ I love to design stuff (anything!) ▪ I can play seven music instruments ▪ I love being creative & innovative ▪ I can speak and write in three languages ▪ I received exactly half of my education in Hong Kong and half from Canada ▪ I am a night owl ▪ I love soups (Chinese home-made soup's my favorite!) ▪ I love red wine ▪ I love to play badminton ▪ I love to play simulation games and music games ▪ I love driving ▪ I love cars ▪ I love summer ▪ I love classical music and asian pop ▪ I love the Internet (maybe a little bit too much) ▪ I love to learn ▪ I am dedicated and persistent ▪ I love all colours of the rainbow ▪ I love productions from Hayao Miyazaki ▪ I love Finding Nemo ▪ I love soccer (FC Barcelona's my favorite, go Barca!) ▪ I love my family and my baoby


vivien siu photography

I love technology, cats, photography, design (anything), soccer, playing music instruments, and to constantly learn new things.

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